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Back to the Future TOA podcast episode

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Aditi Machado

If Thought Is Life & Blessed Is & The God Word
(originally published 2015)

Craig Santos Perez

from the legends of juan malo: juan malo & the next american president
(originally published 2012)
The Sand Man
(originally published 2011)

Elena Karina Byrne

Alchemy & Marriage & Voyeur Hour, 8 PM & Voyeur Hour, 6 PM & Richard Tuttle Behind Artist Richard Tuttle
(originally published 2012)

Elisabeth Houston

white castle powder puffs & SEVEN STEPS TO A GNARLY AWAKENING & safari
(originally published 2017)

Maureen Alsop

Ilex Road & Alnus Road & Sali Lucida Road & Cratae Road & Quercus Road & Betula Road & Aucupari & Fraxinus & Hamamelis Road & Hedera Road
(originally published 2012)

Oscar Oswald

The Eyeball Falls Through the Poem: A Review of Heather Christle’s The Difficult Farm
(originally published 2010)