Consideration, like an angel, came

and whipped the offending Adam out of him.
-Henry V::I.i.29-30


Founding Editor

Cody Todd


TOA publishes new writing alongside innovative editorial engagement that invites readers into the context, history, and processes of literary creation.


New is Good: We at TOA believe that the new is synonymous with the fresh, the unexpected, the revolutionary, the resistant, the revisionist, the diverse. In these ways, the new is synonymous with the Good.

Triangles are also Good: Love triangles make for good stories. Editorial triangles make for good reading experiences. Our favorite triangles at TOA involve authors, editors, and readers.

Greed is not so Good: TOA is a non-profit dedicated to showcasing new writing. As an organization, we are committed to making sure that the vast majority of our funds go to authors and their projects.

Editing is Curating: Selecting, placing, and framing art are meaning-making acts. Curation is about making space for a work to occupy and taking care of the work and its maker.

Publishing is Interloping: TOA is not MFA, not AWP, not NYC. We make our own alphabet soup by engaging authors to better understand the contexts, purposes, and processes that make new writing happen.

Make it Visible: Too much of what happens in the world of publishing happens out of view. At TOA, we want our readers to see the history and feel the seams of the editorial work and the new writing that we showcase.

Digital Form is Content: Online space does not seek to negate the page; it starts with the conventions of the page and makes something new. TOA meets readers where they are—online, where intertextuality is native and medium is mutable.


You can see our current calls for submissions here.


Editors (at) theoffendingadam (dot) com.