Ayahuasca mascara &

after Viviane Houle

                    Arabi-Cola frizz around the fountain into the blue room
what’s left of it – down the matte path they are shooting
skeet with what’s left of the cupcakes
     the factory brawl where they came from
     our dreams and what they were doing
Two Worlds colluded      but then couldn’t any more

                    Scored flag and where mangos behaved
     to defuse the warsong they ran on us
Please we have trees
to get back to
     we’ll never turn into puppets
     whither we walk under or not

              Where the sun shines for the first time
   a new kind of trumpet mute is needed
we had to be hollow
            to let the sound go through
            it was for the birds
     a time to perch high above
    the flag wrack loom

            Watch how we get liminal in the Nash
          Rambler back seat – off to another evac
              everfrisson-ing between ape and angel
              agape in the grass
             some violet wrappers and a match

              telepathic bananas stage sweat
              cliff dweller ayahuasca mascara
                 spirit bump regal submarine
              rain bomb rainbow static
                 we’re not done yet

                 playing in the shallows
                 Ouija’ing the end time thrills

                       Let’s read the riot act
                       to the birds and the bees
                 and make out like it’s still

                       creational frizz
                 in finest fundament almost quaint
                 with the places go the faces
We have a lot of butterflies thanks to you
I don’t know how to leave the garden

       Say yum to that           tough little muffin
           pocket smuggled chandelier
             spinning round      let’s why not call it dance

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