Author: Lauren Ireland

Lauren Ireland grew up in southern Maryland and coastal Virginia. Currently an editor at Lungfull! Magazine, she also curates The Reading at Chrystie Street, a monthly poetry series. Her poems have appeared in Sixth Finch, Conduit, notnostrums, and Bateau, among other magazines. More work can be found online at She lives in Brooklyn.

Sorry It’s So Small & I Should Have Killed You in that Field & Fucking Tell Me & In the Ouchita Mountains

Sorry It’s So Small

Remember how you went away.        Now Nature hates you.
Well    I want to die    but just a little bit    every day.
I have learned    that everyone has some    great sadness.
I will let anyone    do anything    to me.        Even the man
rapping quietly    to himself.        Even lightning.
All you need to know    is    I love you
even though    I completely forget    what you look like.

I Should Have Killed You in that Field

Would you like me        better if I had brown eyes.
Narcissus or burning plastic.        Wrong day.
Wrong light.        Winter scabs the grass.
Tight grosgrain path        around & around
the splitting wrist.        Wine scabs the glass.
Teeth & knuckles.        Teeth & ribbons.
Honestly I don’t like you        anymore anyway.
I love gravity.        I’m going to live out my life
at the edge of this scummed pond.        I can do right.
Why do people do it        in the graveyard.
I really wanted to delight you        with my collections.

Fucking Tell Me

there is a dove    there is a dove    there is a dove
there is a dove  there is a dove  there is a dove
it’s scary time    I am coming down your street
I am coming for you    through gates of horn
through the window    tell me    why are spiders
why are spiders    drawn to water    at the actual end
of the actual world    you are standing there alone

In the Ouchita Mountains

Love    you were the loveliest Love    I ever loved.
I was not your maiden.
I shot bears & turtles.   I shot bears & turtles.
I shot bobcats.                     I shot the falls