Author: Helen Vitoria

Helen Vitoria lives and writes in Effort PA.  Her work can be found and is forthcoming in many online and print journals including: elimae, PANK, MudLuscious Press, >kill author, Poets & Artists Magazine, FRIGG Magazine and Dark Sky Magazine.  Her chapbooks The Sights & Sounds of Arctic Birds and Random Cartography Notes are both available as e-chaps from Gold Wake Press, 2011. She is completing her first full length collection, Corn Exchange.

Athena & Atlas & Narcissus


In the temple
men are
There is a
an attic
of conceit skill
a way to redeem
the myths of
vase painters

A flexible silver leaf
bluish green
with gray
yet pitiful as a
captive spider
impressed in disguise
& defeat of
all of my future


I am tired
Desire rests in this rotted orchard
of sticks & brown snakes
every venomous apple

The architecture of
heaven is a mass grave
An absurd cartography of death
& three stout hearted

I’ve unearthed a mortal woman
a lost astronomer
a passion of geography &
released her into a swell of waves

I have conjured her kneeling
all head back & shoulders
pathetic & small

while I stand
colossal & rigid
bearing this weight

Narcissus: upon discovering the body of Echo

I want someone to
remove the unclothed
dim body

Sweep up frayed
skeletal shards
this gaunt ghost

I want wild mares
to neigh for me

Green nostril steeds
swarming &
to release me

I want steel treads
not a soul to notice
the stepping

the mess
the crushed field

I want blood filled air
that I own