Author: Andy Fitch

Andy Fitch‘s most recent book is Pop Poetics: Reframing Joe Brainard (Dalkey Archive Press). In 2013, Ugly Duckling will publish his two books, Sixty Morning Walks and Sixty Morning Talks. Fitch teaches in the University of Wyoming’s MFA program, and co-edits The Conversant.

from Sixty Morning Wlaks

from Sixty Morning Wlaks

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June 5th
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0:00:15 Speaker 1: Wednesday, June 5th, 11 AM Central time even. There’s… For some reason when I sleep at mom’s, alarm goes side, I’ll sleep through. Weird.

0:00:40 S1: Hi Kelly! Hi, honey! See you later. Kelly the cat, comes down to say hello often when leaving.

0:00:48 S1: Okay, mom. So, I’m just going to leave towd unlock.

0:00:52 S2: You bye-bye. [00:53] ____.

0:00:55 S1: You’re soon.

0:01:01 S1: Smell of sun and wormwood to walk mom’s garden, side yard fringy, scratchy purple flowers and bird calls, birds cutting through sloping front leaves across 2nd Street I hear well. Bright blue, white horizon.

0:02:02 S1: Yeah… but with sirens, their slots. I haven’t had quite for while, got diverted all to Atlanta last night breeze stir the pores relax.

0:02:42 S1: I’d realized yesterday, don’t now, think in bed late Tuesday that if I’ll drink a decent amount of water before just note.

0:03:00 S1: Here vines on barbed wire fence, decorative. It looks southern.

0:03:25 S1: And last night certainly was a dehydrating mean, running, actually, sprint with… following booking agent. Herself sprinted very… Impressively fast through [04:04] ____ She’s on high.

0:04:52 S1: This lovely old brewery we live [04:56] ____ not so bad. They’re white and cinnamon white roof seagulls you know, fleet above calling.

0:05:12 S1: Something different Wisconsin cannot take train back walks are leading…

0:05:35 S1: Seagulls translucent coasting sun. And just blue sky deceiving brick edge against bright blue. Something I’d… I’ll do glares from dashboards.

0:06:34 S1: Few there’s… priest walking around. Guy… I want to send but color’s back.

0:06:50 S1: There was cutting through Schlitz Park. Now I smell river. I smell the river cooking bit not dirty resuming a life and son.

0:07:47 S1: Something great about mom’s always are gulls. Just… how describe emotions cut in and out of each other’s pad cutting their own pads crying.

0:08:10 S1: Nice to see the Sudsea River. Water floating pipes chatting cement walls. Blinding brightness of river reflections infinitely preferred…

0:08:49 S1: They used to… Oh, forget about this. 10,000 seagulls here… would say… I think it’s a Milwaukee place where you pay to park… Because this, hey… So, and don’t want of right, so won’t. But try to get closer.

0:11:05 S1: Yes a fence between now. You know, brightness a… good to have seared into, guest, during less warm, less bright.

0:12:04 S1: Here, this one guy, tied unraveling hose outside the restaurant. I don’t give man this stupid name, architecturally, it’s fine.

0:13:44 S1: You don’t stop motorcycles in New York. Lots dried, I don’t know, helicopter down fall cracks and slat more recently tarred strips the street. Then you can’t notice busy.

0:15:43 S1: Again I wouldn’t think steep, Juno steep if weren’t recording but it is. I’m going to reach a peak above water. Joint leaves rustling… Last summer I’d hear kale, mom’s kale… In her location, it’s kind the ghetto… no matter how deep kale would, kale flourished and would sit.

0:17:35 S1: Fun to see all water grass. Mean grass looks printed.

0:18:25 S1: A bus, the 30, pulls over 67th. But Keith can’t… Something never could picture individual person very much engage that block.

0:19:37 S1: This place Victors, corny night club never changed. When walking downtown, crossing a funeral to cast looking sort tree trunk or tree limb rings, ivy covers corners whole quarter buildings.

0:23:16 S1: And vans, where last time old… That gate post wood along Knickerbocker repainted cleaner whites, gets painted.

0:26:13 S1: Guys… Working guys pink around the picnic table shirtless… Statue looks Decent Athena… But 1995 restoration sponsors Swedish Vasa ordered Danish Brotherhood nor to counsel, etc.

0:27:00 S1: Lake won’t go down today but… like Jamaica. This has been… I can’t remember if pollution or allergy spawned pollution. Standard leeched lake cleaning making… oxygen, fishless.

0:28:47 S1: From my grandparents, I’d stare with binoculars at fine white house along teal blue, lake blue. Still never wondered if actual room there, inhabitable place to sit, even sleep.

0:29:25 S1: Her scale city such I know everyone… off that’s not true.

0:32:14 S1: Ha, new manicured gardens before museum, a new star-like fountain.

0:32:40 S1: This could sound crass but tip itched somehow not drink water.

0:33:00 S1: I’m at County’s War Memorial, my grandma and I would walk here or grandparents, too.

0:33:16 S1: I never knew and couldn’t know extent to which commemorating for…

0:33:41 S1: So now… by myself on plaza with just a bright blue, calm rippled lake before me, white rocks spread as archaic pads no one can take. I can hear from three above.

0:34:41 S1: Scattered, glittery reflections see short wave tops spread the bank.

0:35:08 S1: [35:08] ____ Chalon, is that that guy’s name? One of the better but still academic painters, [35:19] ____ Chalon. Milwaukee is very [35:21] ____ Chalon.

0:35:29 S1: And probably only too mere someone whose imagination, you know, formed in relation place, she… hairy and he’s got grayish crew and his arms… He’s very strong.

0:37:07 S1: Strange lighting bolt-shaped wispy cloud… directly.

0:37:30 S1: Green… cut remember Ortiz gel?

0:37:48 S1: Their mosaic, corny, eagle standing on top of the globe, then water… No, light. That light watery reflection. That’s something thought about forever.

0:40:29 S1: I was going to say how insulated then looked down a tree, tree bed, a tree plot had it all smooth stones.

0:41:08 S1: Smell from laundry. Laundry smell wide residential.

0:42:16 S1: It seems so different out here in rivers… Extra, extra long white moving truck guys side door, the kind you swing up and slide back, sitting thinking how calm lunch is when you work downtown.

0:44:16 S1: Can you imagine across red-windowed Dine dot Drink dot Dance establishment ‘Debora’?

0:44:56 S1: People should hang more… nice do flapping…

0:46:01 S1: Sum of… These silent patches, see place I’ve been.

0:46:30 S1: Translucence of gulls is celerity to their frame but just edges… Edges fringe the border, rim, I guess, that glistens.

0:48:16 S1: Pointless site shaped, you know, present ledge of conscience that delimits an edge of radio towers always have been there.

0:50:20 S1: Jewish family services most unblocked brown building like care.

0:50:37 S1: Rooftops where cars park wide rail along rims… Sky seem…

0:52:05 S1: This now the calm of… The summer here, so hark to… could be point of supreme consciousness, though hard to think anything or need alive.

0:52:54 S1: My mom. Here, here in fact, I think it was tannery? Ha-ha. I don’t really know what that is. Leather? A great grandfather’s hand.

0:53:38 S1: Not just history, 53 history walking bright concrete.

0:55:20 S1: Sub shop cart swerve for something to do.

0:55:56 S1: And then bright… then in sun a woman pauses.

0:56:02 S1: In the early 70’s. Purple crown hair dragging wheel suitcase with another back not closed… full coat and sunglasses.

0:56:38 S1: She’s now in this bright red-brick building where we live. Never have I climbed this alley adjacent to School Flower Design. The distinct darkness of wire reflections an alley, pacifier and later crushed pencil.

0:57:59 S1: Mobile acupuncture. That’s a sticker on somebody’s car. I see signs “High Voltage” above, “Keep off on wires.” “Several think dark could fly.”

0:59:49 S1: Buzzing shrubs before house think patterns. Both long blocks… dirty shepherds would pass.

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Transcript of
June 6th
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0:00:08 Speaker 1: When I said the other morning, here patting Sally, the cat good-bye sun. Okay, sweetie.

0:00:31 S1: When I said the other New York looking mom’s will avoid today slip back to a roofer.

0:00:42 S1: You’ll know things happening need to be fixed but odds you interact with one lower.

0:01:56 S1: I’ve got to kind of feel through darkened corridor little boxes, then kick out to avoid cat leaving.

0:02:20 S1: It’s warm, locking the door, trying not to make eye contact but at least there blows warm breeze. Hear rustling see them shake.

0:03:01 S1: White hexagonal flowers, whole bushes turn out the corner, both bloom hexagons spin bright dishes.

0:03:26 S1: So smell morning grass, guess I haven’t known warmer in morning.

0:03:48 S1: Cherry coke. Cherry coke colored clogs.

0:04:07 S1: Great, an alley. I’ll try this mother walking a dog pushing stroller… more symmetrical poised. Down comforters leak. Nice to walk through alleys.

0:05:57 S1: There was white stuff in my mustache before leaving forgot. Trees, hearing… I guess taller.

0:06:36 S1: Alleys, some house what look swept yards. Kids play back anything.

0:07:25 S1: Drawings by auto bothers somebody there. Seed to my conscious since I see compositions. Wires silhouette post recycling bins. Thin morning long alleys.

0:08:57 S1: Sometimes boarded house or van, squirreled. Interesting to watch cross network of flares.

0:11:14 S1: Pale colors back here.

0:11:29 S1: I won’t know where keep pushing through the…

0:12:04 S1: Further gets shady.

0:12:33 S1: Always… Always in morning, summer mornings, make me think Florida. I don’t know spring break trips, wakes early morning.

0:13:08 S1: Satellite dish as poorer.

0:13:24 S1: Club font gang-related.

0:13:43 S1: Weeds and ivy on garage doors blown same angle recall parted hair.

0:15:13 S1: Some have a second house beside them. Others insulate vacant lot, sandy blue crate at center.

0:16:24 S1: I want to say my sister lived back here. Puddles, center crack reflect.

0:17:12 S1: Canvassed boats leased one jeeps, jeep have rusted.

0:18:04 S1: Actually UFO paint jobs… walked toward two garage doors.

0:19:08 S1: Here’s a subscription card folded, fade, more integrated shrimp. The molded… Well, a tail, molded foam mattress—fresh green stalks.

0:20:03 S1: Newspapers twined recycling. Tomato plants can’t tell… Someone stops.

0:20:47 S1: Slim sort of wire, giant spring caught on shanties recently passed behind wasn’t there. There’s very steep incline here. Steepest an alley.

0:22:55 S1: Second stray cat or mammals do sense alleys stop.

0:24:56 S1: Cabs, couch snakeskin. It’s just a manta.

0:26:11 S1: Yes, so that could be poison ivy, side neck, expect welts start.

0:26:36 S1: This built into city. It always better looking up a home.

0:27:45 S1: This is the place, Angel… Angels Watching Over You. Ceramic angels praying central thousand block west I mean miles, from Kristen Chambers.

0:28:26 S1: I did think yesterday about street names. How… Let’s say 40, 60% percent admit probable interchangeable cities.

0:29:12 S1: Cement strips and tiny shed dwellings… Bumper sticker pocket in a cells. Two albums, faded cardboard, rain. Among blocks I don’t turn back and stare at a Cadillac’s 3 flat tires.

0:30:25 S1: Whole network, less desire streets.

0:30:52 S1: Have never seen stripping Doritos bag. Small bags’ stock surround it.

0:32:51 S1: Skimpering shadows fern-like confirm summer morning.

0:33:16 S1: Sign says, “Come hang with us!” Then I’d see the sign “For [0:33:55] ____ and bar.”

0:34:08 S1: Good morning! Smell past basketball hoops’ rusted backboards bought fresh nets.

0:35:04 S1: Good morning! I’m starting to say “Good morning” since it happened once.

0:35:30 S1: Martin Luther King Library summer hours…

0:37:02 S2: What time it opens?

0:37:03 S1: Summers 10 to 5… Save that guy a trip. Third locust truck unloads box friendly…

0:38:22 S1: Boot tracks permanently lodged cement. I’ll guess somebody short boots track.

0:38:51 S1: I didn’t know these existed, brand new Ponderosa… from cars…

0:41:27 S1: At little general foods you can buy police scanner start supplies called “O-money cats”. I’d smell charcoal.

0:42:13 S1: Their victory over violence plywood gazebo black mural. Or no.

0:42:48 S1: In fact my eyes saw it. I’ve wondered how my eyes were pressed. I mean, about all time reading shrine, flowers, trinket intersection posts.

0:45:51 S1: How you doing? A place called We Fry Fish then ask for fish and chicken.

0:46:41 S1: A parked car’s headlights flip blue every.

0:48:13 S1: New sneakers roll untied… Go untied something.

0:49:01 S1: Store front boldly says “Carving grants”.

0:50:28 S1: Who to pick which men rust all sudden, rock.

0:51:30 S1: Penny salons. 70% western city starts…

0:53:18 S1: This place Reader’s Choice has melody. It used to hold very much anti-white books (no complain way).

0:54:32 S1: People spread… very different waiting Y-W-C-A steps, floor. Christine Child Ca—I should’ve given child cares titles.

0:55:13 S1: A bus diamond icon… How do know… How did I know it had dentistry? Strive…

0:57:07 S1: A school’s murals… no banners, “Living the Dream.”

0:58:56 S1: This hill dropped yesterday I’ve noticed.

0:59:46 S1: Rusted mini Transit Express. Ants inside wall cracks. I’m sweaty. A boy proudly cruises light blue graduation cap and gown. “As”, “as a boy”.

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