I am stuck out at sea. It’s been this way for the past three days. The sky has been sunny for the past two, but today the shine disappears. In the far off distance, I see clouds rolling closer and closer. They appear so lonely. So far. So isolated. So cold. I know no ice resides here. But I can see the cold. My bare eyes can truly feel the cold. I can taste it on my tongue. Are you living the same moment over and over again and you just don’t know it?

I imagine being stuck out at sea. On a boat. On a wooden raft. On a floating piece of tree, a branch. Far from the touch of time, like it’s destiny. All alone and with no one to speak to. No one to hold me. No one to calm me and ultimately, no one to save me. The real world seems so far away, a far off picture that only exists in my memory. The picture of a blissful sea with sparkling waters is only seen in brightly paged magazines.

The lightning flashes within the dark swirling portal that draws towards me, an unending sorrow. I look to the skies and envision the shadow of a nightingale soaring high above this flattened forest of dark blue. If luck was on my side, someone would be nearby to save my life. The waves rise as the storm draws closer. I hang onto the plank that remains from the sunken boat. I could be here forever, lost in this dream.

The rain storms down upon me. The ferocity and wetness numbs the feeling in my fingers. Still, I hold on. But hope slips away. I fight the water, fight the sea but my limbs can only compete so much. I’m engulfed by darkness as the air in my lungs grows stale. Light surrounds me as my eyes fall shut, and my consciousness breaks free. Love travels outside my body and extends throughout the universe.

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