183.1: Virginia Lucas:: from Amé.RICA (Tu valor de cambio) / Ah.Me.RICH.Ah (Your Exchange Value)
18 February 2015
The poems (and translations) this week have been a challenge for me: they are too much. The first challenge was one of selection. When Jen Hofer sent me these translations of Virginia Lucas, I was immediately entranced: the energy, the linguistic outbursts, the bravery, the excessiveness that seeped and dripped everywhere. I couldn't deny these poems anything, whether it be my attention while reading, my idle thoughts hours later, or this space here at TOA. My first task, one of selection as editor, was in some sense a failure. I couldn't select; I had to have have have. And so, I took took took everything Hofer and Lucas offered me. Six poems alongside their six translations. Just enough excess to feed the excessiveness.
183.2: Diana Arterian:: Four Rehearsals for Alice Notley
19 February 2015
"I rehearsed the interaction, and following potential outcomes in my mind, I saw the likelihood it would only make me seem the container of morbid thoughts..."