211.1: Marc McKee:: Fan Mail & Fan Mail 2: Nanny Time Approacheth & Abridg’d Epic & Voice-Over & & Now
7 February 2018
In this series of poems, Marc McKee investigates the surface of the poem, the surfaces that we create through our performance of our selves, and that which lies beneath these surfaces. No, that's not quite right. In each of these poems, McKee offers a surface that dissolves as we read the poem to reveal that which lies beneath the surface. The performative of the self, the persona, or the genre becomes a microscope through which the cells of an authentic reality can nearly be discerned. Or, at least we can imagine that within these cells, there are atoms of authentic reality. Or within those atoms, protons; within those protons, quarks; maybe within those quarks we will see it, once we look close enough. Through the surfaces of fan mail, an abridged epic, a voice-over, and a break-dance performance, we get these glimpses of the real that we are sure that we see and experience, even if it's hard to nail down exactly where and what it is. Every surface might be a crafted, false facade placed before a viewer for aesthetic effect. But McKee shows us that in that craft, we can discern even more astutely what it means to try and live in this world: