146.1: Jeff Tigchelaar:: The #4 Jason Voorhees definition on Urbandictionary.com & The Enduring Power of Julia Child & Kenny Rogers
10 June 2013
I've become the de facto pop culture editor here on the team. If a celebrity makes an appearance in a poem, that poem falls squarely into my box—give it to Nik-ey, he’ll like it. And I do. It allows me to contemplate why these figures, here in Jeff Tigchelaar’s selection this week, play such a powerful role in our consciousnesses. These are poems that are easily dismissed as punch lines, light and airy—think of it, our funny friends are usually the first to be sold short—but those of us who have attempted to write humor know how hard it is, how it takes a deft and sharp mind, how the concept of ‘timing’ in a poem is both an innate skill of the poet and something that takes immense practice and craft.