125.1: Farren Stanley and Jessalyn Wakefield:: Rabbit Goes Courting & By the Hammer of Rabbit & Rabbit, First Trimester & To Raise a Rabbit in the Suburbs
3 December 2012
The poems this week return me to that bizarre time of middle school: a time most of us would probably like to forget, but also a time we remember with pangs of embarrassment and angst. Farren Stanley and Jessalyn Wakefield create a world I’d say is as mysterious as any middle schooler’s through language the texture of dirt and root vegetables, through an attitude toward fertility (the rabbit’s domain) that balances childlike innocence and awareness of the dark and dirty. These poets are out to mix blood and milk and have us drink it. These poems force the “animal soul which senses and perceives” in all of us to come out and play.
125.2: Molly Brodak:: Two Books and a Recipe
6 December 2012