095.1: Tom Raworth:: Kinetic Methodology & Died Game & Stridulation
12 March 2012
The last line of Tom Raworth's first poem below presents a series of disconnected words that at first glance appear possibly made-up: "camouflet zline unshun fursonae". On my own first reading of the poem, I interpreted the line as the breakdown of language, the result of the flash memory of the previous line having become corrupted through the waterboarding in the previous stanza. To my surprise, however, these words did turn out to have meaning: "camouflet" is "the resulting cavity in a deep underground burst when there is no rupture of the surface"; "zline" becomes "z-line," referring to the borders between the basic units (sarcomeres) of a muscle, the junction that joins the sarcophagus to the stomach, or the blocking of a specific user's IP address; "unshun" combines the negative prefix "un-" with "shun" to create an understandable neologism; and "furusonae" is also a neologism combining "furry" and "personae," referring to "an animal character used to represent oneself online or in furry role-playing."
095.2: The Offending Adam:: Chapvelope Three Launches
15 March 2012
Chapvelope Three features a chapbook of poems-in-translation from Lan Lan & Yi Lu (translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain), a series of flashcard-broadsides by Heather Christle, and Polly Duff Bresnick's eye-rhyme translation of Homer's Odyssey.