058.1: Keetje Kuipers:: The Open Spaces & The Ocean & Drought & Dolores Park
18 April 2011
Keetje Kuipers' work is a testament to the necessity of the human heart in contemporary poetry. The speaker in these poems has an immense love for life, the world, and all of the people in it. The speaker is brave and capable of delivering and taking a few ass-kickings, flexes a wit ripe from the whetting stone, is equipped with an internal magnet for the beautiful (despite all costs of heartbreak or worse in pursuing it), and has, I imagine, a light inside of her that could, even into her old age, very well power a small city. Of course, I may be speaking out of turn here, but if so, the gracious and humble quality of her words compels me to make such presumptions. Work like this is beautiful in its comfort and familiarity and reminds me of a sentiment I first had when reading Whitman: "Hello old friend! How long have we known each other, though this is the first time I've read you!"