028.1: Bonnie Nadzam:: Tattoo & Self Esteem & You Tell Yourself a Story
9 August 2010
Last weekend, after seeing the film Inception, I felt tremendously refreshed to come home and review Bonnie Nadzam's work. Whether you love, hate, understand, or remain befuddled by Christopher Nolan's film, it points to a sentiment in both popular culture and high art that seeks to reinvent or at least question the authenticity of "reality" by warming the world over with Cartesian notions of dream as reality or reality as dream within dream within dream within dream (last year's Avatar also attempted this with greater or lesser degrees of success). The common denominator here may, gasp, imply that the real world is passé, twice-told, and has been mastered, explained, and understood, and therefore the frontier lies in the imaginary, the subconscious, and the virtual in order to better demonstrate, through art, the "real" world.