119.3: Tory Adkisson:: Little Boxes Made of Darkness and Light
25 October 2012
118.2: Tory Adkisson:: Meat on the Mind
18 October 2012
117.2: Tory Adkisson:: Prodigal Queering: When Fathers are Lovers
11 October 2012
116.2: Tory Adkisson:: Idle States and Idle Loves
4 October 2012
115.2: Kelli Anne Noftle:: Jenny & Sophie: The Text Became Art, Inside Turned Out
27 September 2012
114.2: Kelli Anne Noftle:: “Anything Becomes a Part of Where It Is if You Take It and Put It There”: William Stobb, Michael Heizer, and Articulated Absences
20 September 2012
113.2: Kelli Anne Noftle:: I Wish I Had a River (Any River Will Do): Maggie Nelson and the Color of Hurt
13 September 2012
112.2: Kelli Anne Noftle:: Kissing Georg Trakl: How I Found Christian Hawkey in a Shopping Bag
6 September 2012
102.7: Melanie Crow:: Struggles With Memory
3 May 2012
"The figure of Ouroboros comes to mind with both the concerns and structure of this section, the snake of time circling back and repeating, swallowing itself. A tenuous answer is given to the questions of temporality with this circular pattern. O’Neill’s ruminations on the other plant the speaker on more solid ground. The last poem ends, in part, with a sense of timelessness..."
102.5: Bret Shepard:: In the Socket of Nature
2 May 2012
"The relationship to place draws forth the invocation that our bodies feel what the eyes lack. It is strange and suggests that what we see (including in this book) will require an undoing of our eyes..."