187.2: Rebecca Foust:: A Conversation with Rebecca Foust
12 August 2015
"You just have to do what you can and not get paralyzed or thrown in to despair by the vastness of what you cannot do. Or so Pilgrim decides..."
183.2: Diana Arterian:: Four Rehearsals for Alice Notley
19 February 2015
"I rehearsed the interaction, and following potential outcomes in my mind, I saw the likelihood it would only make me seem the container of morbid thoughts..."
127.2: The Offending Adam:: A Moment of Rest
19 December 2012
To those readers who have faithfully read along with us now into our one hundred and twenty seventh issue, and to those readers arriving for the first time, we thank you for making this third year of publication successful and enjoyable. With the holidays fast approaching, and friends and family taking time out of their busy lives to enjoy a few moments of rest and community, we here at The Offending Adam are likewise hitting the pause button so that we can fully enjoy the holiday season. Fear not, though, dear readers: TOA returns with punch and power Monday, February 4. Until then, here are a selection of works that we have published in 2012, to either read for the first time if you missed them, or to rediscover.
124.2: The Offending Adam:: 2012 Pushcart Prize Nominees
28 November 2012
We are proud to announce our 2013 nominees for the Pushcart Prize: Amaranth Borsuk, Heather Christle, Louise Mathias, Oliver de la Paz, David Dodd Lee, and Eryn Green. We invite you to read or re-read their poems, and we hope that you find them as engaging and uncommon as we did.
120.1: Andrew Wessels:: The Poetry of Politics, the Politics of Poetry
29 October 2012
"In the spirit of the election season (and also in the spirit of rebelling against the election season), we present a group of writers who both confront and reject politics through an aesthetic act..."
119.2: B. K. Fischer:: A Conversation with B. K. Fischer
24 October 2012
"The poem has to have, to make, some kind of appeal, to function as entreaty and enticement. I try the best I can to write evocatively, and to find and publish evocative writing, and what that means is a moving target. I’m not afraid of difficulty, and I’m also not afraid of clarity. Each poem, each project, each occasion for poems or book of poems, demands mystery and accessibility in different measure..."
107.1: Andrew Wessels:: Calamity
4 June 2012
"The poems this week challenge us to examine our own world, to see both the calamities in our personal lives as well as the global issues that create disaster and loss for multitudes around us. They challenge us to not remain silent, to instead cry out, to name calamity and be honest with the conditions of our world..."
102.8: The Offending Adam:: Chapvelope Three Launches
4 May 2012
Heather Aimee O'Neill:: A Conversation with Heather Aimee O’Neill
3 May 2012
102.6: Trey Moody:: A Conversation with Trey Moody
2 May 2012
"It often feels like I’m writing from a memory, or at least a vague, remembered mood. Sometimes these are actual memories; sometimes I mistake something imagined for a memory. In both cases, sight and texture are very much present, but sound usually isn’t. But it’s the auditory, it seems, that can contain the most mystery. Hear that wind outside? Rather, hear those leaves rustling because of the wind? Or was it something else altogether rustling the leaves?"