Kate Greenstreet

Kate Greenstreet's books are The Last 4 Things and case sensitive, both from Ahsahta Press. Find her new work in Chicago Review, Colorado Review, Cannibal, Volt, and other journals.


Because rain has been falling.

She’s doing the things people do when they’re dying.
It doesn’t need to be imagined.

We all traveled together.
And I believe we shared one hope.


These are the woods where he grew up.

It’s dark.
It’s very quiet.

The dark pond. Which is more filmic?
A photographic memory or amnesia?

Two years after he disappeared,
I woke, having dreamed of him.


She’ll step in. She knows what’s needed.
Her foot is in the boot.

We had him out on a beautiful blanket,
out near the sea. A moment of sun.

Of course, I’m so interested
in her house—

the view
from the balcony…


It began to snow.

It was snowing
all over Germany.

The print on paper will certainly be lost.

There were unopened letters, also.
After she died, they kept coming.