Gail Wronsky & Chuck Rosenthal

Chuck Rosenthal, novelist and magic journalist, and Gail Wronsky, poet, live in Topanga, California, home of many UFO sightings. Each line in these poems is a line of dialogue from a 1950s-early 60s sci fi movie. Where do they come from? From outer space.

Once my air is out, water won’t matter

It looks molten. But how does that figure?

What a wonderful specimen to have in the museum.

Have you decoded any other messages?

In one moment we may be able to leap 2000 years.

This is going to be the longest 6 ½ minutes I’ve ever spent.

Every woman in the world, we all live in fear

Up here on Mars, you’ve gotta face the reality of being alone forever.

Like a jellyfish it was, except it had a kind of shine to it.

I knew these creatures were alive somewhere.

We can tell them this: whatever it is will rise up to the surface and get back at us.

He’ll be drunk as a lord.

Making a decision like that would scare anyone

You’re mad, Stevens. You want to play God.

What do you mean conventional explosives are useless?

We’ve sighted a moving object underneath the water.

And it proves that all the scotch whiskey has not been exported to America.

May I take your coat?

A spaceship from where? From outer space.

Handle it gently. It has to get us home.

You know there have been rumors.

But what would they want with little Cathy Wilson?

As an old man I feel free to accept beauty without apology.

Both of them blown to bits. Any more orders?

There’s not a drop of booze left in this house

Switch out the lights, will you, darling?

Mars seems to have run out of messages for the moment.

We’ve got to find some heavier stuff.

What are these gizmos? I found them near the corpse.

And I thought you couldn’t see with your gloves on.

Who am I to stand in the way of science?

How would you feel if a crazy guy in a helmet with
pipes sticking out of it came at you in the dark?

Your guess is as good as mine.

In any case, the question is totally without merit.

The world is full of lunatics.

Now they reflect light like mirrors.

I’d say it sounded like an ultimatum.